Properties of Crystals


The ‘Fire stone’, so called because it builds a fire in the loins, bringing a sense of courage and fortitude, helping you to discover truth and accept fate while strengthening the body and the mind. Earthing and energetic, it is a powerful healing stone assisting the colon, circulatory system, lymphatics, pancreas and the pulses.


This “Love Child” is one of the Beryl family. In helping to rebuild the mind, body and spirit, from most modern trauma, it has a very passive effect on the nervous system, spleen and pancreas. Helps to bring emotional and mental aspects into balance, imbued with the potential of growth, joy and the love of life.


The ‘Thinker’. This feldspar mineral soothes the nervous system, while giving strength to the heart and body, balancing the mental and auric body. Makes you feel good, uplifted, creative and gives perspective to your more harmful traits and helps you to let go of them.


The ‘Mindful One’, so called because it not only remembers the past centuries but also helps with simple absent-mindedness. This is the fossilised resin of ancient trees. Has a good influence on the endocrine system, spleen and heart. Helps you find the kindness within you and helps the mind to find its soul.


The ‘Elevator’. Strengthens the endocrinal and immune systems while having a good effect on the right brain activity, pineal, pituitary glands and an exceptional blood cleanser and energiser. Very powerful aid to spiritual enhancement by bringing the lower natures to a higher consciousness. Cuts through illusion and is a helpful friend for mediators, inspiring healing, divine love, inspiration and intuition.


A relatively new discovery, the combined powers of Amethyst and Citrine make this an interesting stone. Ametrine is believed to be an exceptional cleanser and energiser, possessing qualities of both Amethyst and Citrine. It works well with stress related illnesses including headaches, tension, digestive upset and ulcers.


The ‘Serene One’, it helps to calm the nerves and reduces fluid retention. Good for strengthening kidneys, liver, spleen, thyroid and cleaning the body. Gives clarity of mind, aiding personal creativity, thus losing fears and phobias. A great physical, mental and emotional balancer, it is a good friend in meditation, inspiring love, peace and serenity.


The “Delver”, stimulates muscle tissue while strengthening the blood. This is very much a brain stone, purifying mental, emotional and etheric bodies, its real strength is in losing anxiety and fears by digging at the foundations of their cause. Centres you while inspiring independence, well being and health.


The “Decision Maker”. This deep blue stone assists the flow of energy through the nervous system, helping the body utilise its oxygen, strengthening the blood. A powerful assistance to meditation, it cuts through illusion and enhances dormant abilities allowing greater mental control, making decision making easier and inspiring creativity, intuition and bodily well-being.


As the name suggests, this variety of chalcedony is good for the blood. By toughening and oxygenating the bloodstream it enhances physical and mental vitality. The heart, spleen, bone marrow and iron deficiencies are all assisted. This powerful stone reduces stress, centering you and inspiring intuition, creativity and spiritual solidarity.


The ‘Balancer’. A variably coloured stone. It benefits the kidneys, pancreas and spleen. Alleviating fear and stress, it has the ability to balance the male/female polarities as well as the emotions by helping you to ground excessive enthusiasms. Inspires joy, lightness or being and some claims indicate an improvement in astral projection.


The ‘Friendly One’ is a highly evolved healer, aiding kidneys, lungs, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, aids tissue regeneration while vitalising the blood. Energises the physical, emotional and mental self. A good balancer, it connects with your inner self, giving good concentration and in opening your heart in brings joy, sociability and warmth.


This ‘Stone of Heaven’ reduces stress by giving relaxation of peace of mind but also accelerates spiritual health by helping you to expand your creative expression, adjusting and knowing your higher self and other forms of divine awareness. Revealing truth, reliability and the clarity of thought and speech.


This is the “Woman’s Friend”, excellent for period pains, premenstrual tension and other related problems, strengthening feminine qualities in both genders. Generally aids in the prevention of ulcers, digestive problems, arthritic conditions, toughens lungs and the thyroid glands, enhancing the metabolism. Alleviates guilt, tensions and phobias while inspiring creativity, personal power, joy and serenity.


A very subtle quartz, this ‘Joy Stone’ helps ease sexual frustration and depressions by balancing neurotic patterns and by enhancing personal insight. A very inward-looking stone it helps with calming, balancing and inner mental healing while underlining lightheartedness, joy and your inner talents.


The ‘Cuddle Quartz’ is good for kidney, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs, the heart and tissue regeneration. Prevents self-destructive tendencies by assisting in raising your self-esteem, introducing you to yourself and generally being nice to you, giving cheer, lightheartedness, hope, warmth and energy. Plus, if all this wasn’t enough, it attracts abundance.


Has a strong influence on blood flow, giving lots of energy and helping to clean out the body of toxins. Helps overcome exhaustion and unspecific malaise by balancing the physical and emotional self. Generally makes you feel a lot better about yourself and brings back your natural energy.


A master healer, “The Girl’s Best Friend” and the “Boy’s”. Dispels negativity, purifies the body and the spirit and reflects the desires of the highest consciousness in its enhancement of brain functions and the removal of blockages in the personality. Amplifies the full spectrum of energies in the mind, body and spirit, faithfulness, abundance and serenity.


Vitalises, balances and tones the body and mind. The Seer enhances and strengthens the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. It similarly looks after ulcers, nervous stomach, heart trouble, and variable blood pressures. Brings emotional stability, peace of mind, an all-round healer it engenders progress, prosperity, abundance and well-being.


The “Unconditional Love” stone is a deep green beryl stone of great power. Strengthens the heart, liver, kidney, immune system and vitalises and tones the body and mind. This friend to the seeker assists in deeper spiritual insight and introduces the higher self to the divinity within, inspiring love, prosperity, kindness, tranquility, balance patience and the power to heal.


The ‘Gatherer’ is a variable coloured stone. A powerful healer, it gathers and absorbs vital nutrients, strengthens teeth and bones and is beneficial for blood vessels and spleen. Calms the over-excitable by bringing greater concentration in meditation where it will help you grasp and communicate with the higher and more abstract concepts of the inner self.


The ‘Day Dreamer’ stone regenerates body systems, where it is also a good purifier. It is also strongly associated with the balancing of the sex drive and emotional disharmony, bringing love, compassion and an enhanced imagination.


This Regal mineral is more precious than normally understood. It strengthens the nervous system, purifies and energises the entire physical body, bringing tissue regeneration and attracting positive energies. A powerful mind balancer, it allows you to accept love and opens your mind, aiding personal illumination.


This is a stone you either like or don’t. To those it likes it will bring about beneficial oxygenation of the blood stream, an energised spleen and will generally strengthen the body, helping you cope with stress. It is a very optimistic inspirer of will, courage and personal magnetism, while keeping your head out of the clouds.

Herkimer Diamond

The ‘Harvester’, so-called because of its ability to draw out toxins, it has similar qualities of clear quartz. A powerful amplifier if used by healers, it assists in the reduction of stress and the balancing of energies of the body and mind enhancing inner vision and increases awareness of dreams.


The “Virtuose one”, its subtle and smooth vibration strengthen heart, kidneys, immune system, cleans blood and increases longevity and fertility. Aiding eye disorders this stone is believed to be an emotional balancer, with particular strength in feminine problems. Radiating divine unconditional love, it fosters courage, justice, clarity, modesty, wisdom and nurturing.


The ‘Talisman’, so called because healers have tradition ally used it for enhanced diagnosis. A powerful healer in itself, being efficacious to the liver, gallbladder and bladder, but is also a multipurpose salve for the whole body. Gives a sense of balance to the spirit and grounds you spiritually and emotionally.


If you are any kind of junkie then make friends with this lithium bearer. It is an excellent balancer for physical, emotional and mental compulsives. Strengthens the cardiovascular system and aids manic depressives by opening up your healing heart and surrendering to your higher self, thus enhancing self-esteem, tolerance and acceptance by its soothing and calming presence.


The ‘Faithful One’. This stone’s curative property affects the throat, especially the voice, by enhancing the creative expression of singers and orators. Called ‘faithful’ because of its encouragement to devotion, truth, loyalty, reliability, serenity and pragmatism.

Lapis Lazuli

The beautiful star-flecked blue of the ‘Night Stone’ is good for the nocturnal. While strengthening the thyroid and skeletal system it brings vitality and general relaxation to the mind and body. A powerful augmenter of psychic abilities and communicator with the higher self, inspiring greater creative expression and illumination.


Like Kunzite, this is the ‘Junkie’s friend’; its high lithium content is an excellent balancer, allowing a gentle withdrawal from compulsive behaviour. Aids the strengthening of the muscles of the heart and blood flow, while giving expression to your innate inner light and joy.


The green stripes are clear indication of the mineral’s healing power. Aids the functions of the pancreas and spleen, tissue regeneration, circulatory system and assists in a good night’s sleep. An excellent balancer emotionally and physically while nurturing visualisation.


This extraterrestrial alien is literally from outer space. I find no positive benefits in healing for this burnt stone, although it is claimed by others that it permits you to connect with energies from other planets and expand your metaphysical awareness.


The deep green of this ‘Friendly Foreigner’ indicates a powerful healing stone. It is also a meteorite but in its 15 million years on earth it has picked up a lot of good healing vibrations. A good balancer of mind and body, aligning you with your higher self. A general, if soft, all-round tonic for the body and spirit.


Like Chrysocolla this is a very feminine stone. bringing ease to period pains and kindred disorders, but on a much more fruitful scale with its emphasis on fertility and child bearing. A good emotional balancer, it has been described as the ‘Mother Earth’ stone. A good solid friend inspiring flexibility, nurturing and wisdom while keeping the emotions in balancer.


‘Black Velvet’ – its subtle male energies attract the spiritual adventures, good for ‘girding the loins’ by beneficially influencing the stomach and intestines, it keeps energy well grounded, clears subconscious blocks and brings an experience and understanding of silence, detachment, wisdom and love. A powerful healer for those it recognises, not to be used unconsciously.


A variably coloured chalcedony, the stone is good for balancing male and female polarities. Strengthens bone marrow and relieves stress by enhancing balance and self control while aiding detachment and inspiring serenity.


The ‘Rainbow Stone’, its iridescent flashes stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands. It aids balance, eyesight and enhances intuition but its principle benefit is to induce in you a conscious connection with your higher self inspiring self-esteem and contentment.


The “Let’s Go” stone. A good anti-toxin gem, cleaning most organs and glands, a good overall tonic for the body and mind. It reduces stress, accelerates personal growth, stimulates the mind and opens new doors or opportunity and abundance while banishing lethargy and laziness.


This one gives off ‘sparks’ in more ways than one. Apart from aiding digestion and improving the circulation, it influences a more positive outlook on life, giving mental while strengthening the will. It also inspires leadership, helping you to work harmoniously and practically with desperate people.

Quartz (Clear)

The ‘All Singing, All Dancing’ crystal. Good for the brain. Good for the soul. A very powerful dispeller of negativity in your own energy field and in the environs. Receives, activates, contains, amplifies and transmits energy, a good thought provoker and a friend to meditation inspiring communication with the higher self. Used as a tool for therapy, it is an excellent channeller of healing.


The ‘Brave Stone’. Its red-pink colour helps to blend courage, passion and willpower, giving the fortitude to overcome emotional trauma and mental breakdown. Aids the spleen, kidneys, heart and blood circulation while enhancing memory and intellectual strength. Helps you to accept and find courage within yourself and helps you to cope with the stress of modern living.


The complementary stone to Rhodochrosite but dealing on a much more cerebral level by improving memory, calming the mind and reducing stress by giving confidence and self-esteem, like its sister it helps you to understand and balance the pressures of modern living.

Rose Quartz

The ‘Love Stone’ strokes the heart into forgiveness and compassion by helping you to let go of stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy by aiding spleen, kidneys and circulatory system. Eases sexual and emotional imbalance, but be careful because it increases fertility. Learn how to love yourself with lovely stone.


The “Servant of the Servants”. Traditionally this lovely red stone is used to preserve the body and improve mental health. It is an emblem of affection, passion, power and majesty. Removing obstacles and promoting tranquility, strengthening immunity and a superb tonic to body and spirit. Very much a ‘heart stone’, it encourages integrity, selfless service and spiritual devotion.

Rutilated Quartz

A powerful healer, it cuts through a lot of mental and spiritual blockages. Enhances the life force, stimulates mental activity and eases depression, transmuting negativity and enhancing communication to the higher self.


The ‘Loyalty Stone’ helps the heart and the stomach while stimulating the pituitary glands, thus the entire glandular system. Activates psychic abilities, aiding a strong connection with the higher self by balancing emotional influences giving clarity and inspiration, enhancing will power and faith in judgement.

Selenite (Gypsum)

The ‘Rejuvenator’. Helps with the loss of fertility and sex drive, can enhance the elasticity of the skin, gaining a more youthful appearance and assisting regeneration of tissue. Relieves stress and enhances willpower.


The ‘New Beginning Ore’. This legendary metal’s many qualities can bring about a break for the kind of individual who ‘hoards’ old mental problems and traumas, by strengthening faith in your higher self and giving the desire to change. A good emotional balancer and speech improver, this grey metal has value beyond its beauty.

Smoky Quartz

The ‘Dream Stone’. Like silver it can be effective in releasing old, calcified or fermenting negativity like grief, anger and despair by removing depression. It is mildly sedative and relaxing and a good balancer of sexual energy. An able tool for meditation, it helps you explore your inner self by penetrating the dark areas with light and love. Enhances dreams and channelling abilities.


Clarity and truth are brought by the alleviation of fear, calms and clears the mind. By strengthening the metabolism and lymphatic system it balances the mind and body, enhancing communication and insight. Like Lapis, the higher self benefits, enabling creative expression to flower.


The ‘Heart Stone’ gives strength to aid physical healing and purification of all the body systems, enhancing the pituitary, pineal and adrenal gland functions. A good brain balancer, it enhances the personal will, giving you the ‘heart’ to deal with the difficulties of life. With bravery and fortitude it has a strong protective influence.

Tiger’s Eye

This popular quartz is beneficial to the entire digestive system and like Sugilite inspires you to be brave, but also helps to soften the ‘bloody-mindedness’ the over-brave can suffer. A very grounding and balancing friend to the user, giving clearer perception and insight.


The ‘Abundant One’. This is the antidote to the 21st century; this lovely stone detoxifies the body, warms, awakes, inspires an abundance of health by giving powerful assistance to tissue regeneration and strengthening almost every organ and gland. Soothing, peaceful, tranquilising, gives a creativity and self-expression that will co-operate with your higher self.


The ‘Aquarian’ is believed to be the stone for those who wish to be connected to ‘New Age’ consciousness. In its many colours it offers a strong protective influence, enhancing sensitivity and comprehension by dispelling fear and negativity. A powerful healer of mental disorders it assists the troubled to find rest and subtly but surely strengthens the will to be able to meet with changes and new challenges.


The ‘Ecologically Friendly’ stone. This profound master healer helps in the absorption of all nutrients, strengthening the entire anatomy, aiding tissue regeneration. A powerful protector against all environmental pollutants, in particular background radiation. Enhances creative expression, peace of mind, emotional balance, communication, friendship and loyalty.


The ‘Generator’ is believed to affect DNA in stimulating or enhancing positive growth within your unborn children by enhancing existing life forms for generations to come. Calming, soothing, it balances body and mind, giving emotional stability and self-confidence.


The ‘Prudent One’. This many-coloured stone calms the emotions, providing protection against insomnia and depression. It makes one more pleasant and wise by strengthening the mind, raising self-esteem by balancing the pituitary and pineal glands, giving personality more symmetry, helping you to manifest your higher self.

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