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Mini Crystal Affirmations Cards Set

Crystal Love is a deck of inspirational mini-cards, capturing the beauty and wisdom of our Earth’s crystals, as written from Australia’s Leading Crystal Awakening Healer, Rachelle Charman

These 40 cards represent universal messages of love from the inner symbols and spirit of crystals, allowing its inspirations to connect across all ages and walks of life. The cards can be drawn to inspire jolts of creative ideas, for self-healing meditation and as an oracle for guidance.

Size  approx 10cm x 5cm Approx

Mini Crystal Cards Set

Sale Price: $19.70

Postage Within Australia $7.90

Crystal Reading Cards: The Healing Oracle

Crystal Reading Cards consist of 56 cards, all with exquisite photos of many of the world’s most powerful crystals. Embark on a journey with these crystal reading cards, to a deeper place of love and inspiration in your life. Your deepest questions will be answered with clarity as you open to healing.

This unique set of cards is unique are a healing tool as well as a guidance oracle, an interactive healing and transformation tool. You can choose to use the deck just for healing where you will receive healing energy from the crystals. Or you can choose to seek guidance and direction from the cards.

More powerfully, you can use them for both — it’s up to you.

The Healing Oracle Cards

 Price: $29.70

Postage Within Australia $7.90

Crystal Box Collection: Books, Reading Cards, CD

A wonderful gift box for any crystal enthusiast, or someone keen to learn about crystals. Crystal Box Collection includes a Crystals book, Crystals Meditation CD and Crystal Reading Cards: 56 Oracle cards and a paperback booklet.
The Crystal book provides the user with step-by-step instructions on how to work and connect with crystals and use them for healing. The book lists all popular crystals, with over 200 colour photographs of each and instructions on how to connect with each crystal.

Crystal Reading Cards: There are 56 cards Oracle cards: 4 Master teacher crystal cards and 52 standard cards, all with exquisite photos of many of the world’s most powerful crystals. The paperback booklet includes crystal layouts and spreads that you can work with for both guidance and healing.

The Crystals Meditation CD has four tracks. The first three tracks are exercises that teach the listener how to cleanse, connect and programme their crystals. The final track is a 40 minute meditation

Crystal Box Collection:

Price: $39.70

Postage Within Australia $7.90

Chakra Reading Cards: Ancient Wisdom to Balance and Heal

These one-of-a-kind Chakra Reading Cards bring a world of guidance and clarity to your life. The deck includes 36 cards incorporating the seven main Chakra systems plus the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras. These two extra Chakra systems are what make this deck unique as they offer a deeper connection and expanded awareness of each situation in your life.

The deck is also very easy to use and shares an abundance of guidance and support for you in everyday life via each beautifully illustrated cards and the comprehensive guidebook.

Included are powerful layouts and information on how to work closely with the cards for your own growth and for others’ growth, too. The Chakras are an ancient wisdom that explains the body’s energy field. When Chakras are aligned and in balance, purest wellbeing is experienced. By working closely with these cards you will experience a deep sense of self- awareness, empowerment and healing.

Ancient Wisdom to Balance and Heal

Price: $29.70

Postage Within Australia $7.90

Heal Yourself Reading Cards:
Intuitive Guidance to Transform Your Soul

At last a card deck by Inna Segal that is focused on healing, transformation and the raising of consciousness!

This deck is visceral, emotional and raw, in both text and visuals, expressing both the lighter and the darker side of life. The cards access the higher states of awareness, as well as challenging emotions, thought patterns and energies people have to transform. A highly anticipated deck, Inna Segal brings out the best to guide you to Heal Your Life inside and out.

In this phenomenally transformative oracle deck, the text for each card gives the meaning of the card, the reason the person has chosen the card, with an empowering statement to meditate upon and a short process to place practical integration with into your life

Heal Yourself Reading Cards

Price: $29.70

Postage Within Australia $7.90

Guardian Angel Reading Cards

Guardian Angel Reading Cards by Australian Psychic of the Year, Debbie Malone, comprises a beautiful collection of Angels to help guide you through different challenges and situations in your life. The accompanying booklet takes you through the meaning behind each card, and how to work best with your Guardian Angels.

With daily challenges facing all of us, the Guardian Angels in the cards will call out to you with assistance on everyday tasks. Let the Angels

of Balance, Belief, Clarity, Comfort and many others lift you on their shoulders and help ease your troubles away

Guardian Angel Reading Cards

Price: $29.70

Postage Within Australia $7.90

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