Crystal Shapes Meanings

Ball (spheres)
Energy in all directions, window to past, present and future. Used for scrying or placed where it can emit healing energy all around your home or workplace. Good for groups, encourages communication.

Enhances harmony and peace in all environments. Radiates energy out to the environment and absorb negative energies. They can be programmed and placed where they can do their work.

Egg Shape
Can be used for scanning etheric fields, showing up cloudy areas. The shape allows itself to fit nicely into the palm of your hand during meditation, bringing calmness of the mind and body.

They hold and amplify energy within themselves. Their cave like shape and many points diffuse and amplify energy, softening but not neutralising it allowing it to flow slowly. Good for protection and personal growth. Helps to break addiction.

A heart shaped crystal bestows love and truth to the giver and receiver. A feeling of peace and security accompanies this shape.

Lemurian Master Pyramid
Based in Sacred Geometry it helps to amplify and focus energy. Good for griding and energy sessions when extra energy is needed. Place on solar plexis or third eye for amplified healing or meditation.

Obelisk (Pyramid Apex)
Connection with ancient Egypt. It stimulates the marking of time. Helps one to realise “As Above So below”

The Pendulum helps you to listen to your knowing by answering your questions without the mind getting in the way.

Has ghost like image in crystal. Points way towards growth, helps to move you on your next step.

Points – Abundance
Consists of 1 long quartz with many small clustered around. Place in wealth corner.

Points – Double Terminator
Points at both ends, radiates or absorbs energy simultaneously, stone of balance, bridge between 2 points, overcome addition.

Points – Generator
Generates healing and has 6 faces.

Points – Scepters
Used as a meditation tool it links the wisdom of the ages to now. An excellent healing tool it directs healing to the core of the problem. Balances fertility problems. They have come to bring the knowledge of the crystal power to the present day.

Points – Seven & Eight Sided Faced
These crystals stimulate the removal of obstacles on your path. They bring order to your life and increases the energy of manifestation. Melds the spiritual and angelic realms with the physical.

Draws off negative energy and promotes new and positive energy. Brings vibrant and loving energy to wherever it is placed. Amplifies and focuses energy through the apex. Good for manifestation. Placed on the third eye it enhances meditation.

Record Keeper
Raised perfect triangle(s) located on one or more faces of the crystal. Within this crystal wisdom is stored. Attuning to this crystal opens ancient knowledge and the secrets of the universe. The program within these crystals were placed there by the Atlantean’s and Lemurian’s. Only those with open minds and pure hearts can access this information. Rubbing the thumbnail across the triangle from tip to bottom activates the information. Closing by reversing from bottom to tip. Also placing the triangle on the 3rd eye, meditate and prepare for the information. If one is meant to have a record keeper it will find you so it can help you will your personal development

Emma Stone
Permits gazing into inner realms of the stone. Opening up to sacred text and ancient times. Also helps to remember the time before birth. Promotes the understanding of past present and future.

Energy in all directions, window to past, present and future. Used for scrying or placed where it can emit healing energy all around your home or workplace. Good for groups, encourages communication.

Represents one’s hopes, aspirations and dreams. Five pointed evokes personal power, harmony and owning your own magical qualities.

Tree of Life
Wisdom, strength, protection, beauty, bounty. It is a symbol of creation and all that is. The tree provides protection and regeneration. The roots represent our beliefs, the trunk (mind & body) keeps us connected. The branches are us reaching out. All forms of life are connected to the universal energy and we as humans need to live in harmony with the rest of all living things. That is what the tree is telling us, all equal, all living as one.

Wands Massage
Traditional healing tool of Shamans and healers. Most wands are hand carved by man but have formed naturally. Wands are believed to have been used by the crystal healers of Atlantis. They are a powerful tool for channeled universal healing energy.



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